Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Statistics and Summary

Things I packed but never used:
Camp chair
Sewing kit
Spare bike parts (still glad I brought them though)

Number of flats:
Two, both on the front wheel. The tire was shot when I departed, which is probably why I had flats. Should have bucked up for a new one.

Biggest mileage day: 95 miles

Shortest mileage day: 30 miles

Miles covered overnight in a very expensive rental car: 681

Total miles ridden (not counting a rides to errands in Lewiston, Missoula and Scottsbluff): 786

Nights camping: 5

Nights in abject luxury in a motel, B&B, or cabin: 10

On shipping my bike and trailer back to Seattle: I was surprised that the combined cost of shipping each big box (one for the bike, one for the trailer) by UPS was only slightly more than it cost to send the boxes out here in the first place. Nice Surprise.

Ride summary:

Seattle to Silver Springs Campground: 78 miles (hwy 410)

Silver Springs Campground to Yakima: 77 miles

Yakima to Othello: 95 miles (hwy 24)

Othello to Palouse Falls: 60.2 miles

Palouse Falls to Pomeroy: 46 miles

Pomeroy to Lewiston: 30 miles

Lewiston to Kamiah: 87 miles

Kamiah to Wilderness Gateway Campground: 62 miles (hwy 12)

Wilderness Gateway Campground to Lochsa Lodge: 41 miles

Lochsa Lodge to Missoula: 62 miles

(Drive: Missoula to Casper via Yellowstone Park)

Casper to Glendo: 84.4 miles miles (hwy 26)

Glendo to Fort Laramie: 52 miles

Fort Laramie to Scottsbluff: 54 miles


  1. I don't know if you noticed it Kevin, but there was a bunny rabbit RIGHT BEHIND YOU in BOTH of your shaving photos! He appears to be disinterested in you but I would BE CAREFUL. My experience says you just can't trust 'em.

  2. That's the best picture yet...It's like the bunny rabbit is doing "rabbit ears" over your shoulder.

    Congratulations but I'm sad your trip is over! It was fun riding along. Can you keep writing your blog anyway? Maybe you can blog about your rides to and from work. It helps me procrastinate at work. Thanks. :)

  3. Thanks for bringing us along on your adventure. It was fun to hear the journey and feel as if we were right there with you..... without the pain of course

  4. Here Here! - congratulations: 10 for style, 9.5 for execution, and another 10+ for not expiring by means of a combined Earthmover & Bison attack in Wyoming. I understand you left a bunch of yourself on the road, too, which makes me think I really oughta take a few weeks off and do something wierd like walk to Touchet. (Not Walla Walla, mind you - it would be essential to the plan to just get to Touchet, buy a Yoohoo at the Circle K, and then turn around).

  5. okay, something 'weird,' not 'wierd.' I give.

  6. Congratulations on completing your dream! It was such fun traveling along with you, on your blogs. In honor of your accomplishment, I took my bike out today and rode to my Pilates class! (Actually, I did it because my car is in the shop -but it sounded better that I did it from your inspiration, right?)

    Now, when are you coming back to work?????? :-) Missed you over the Shoji!

  7. What a great experience to add to your logbook of life! I'm with Nina, keep the blog going. It doesn't have to be biking necessarily. Whatever it is, I know it will be entertaining. It's been fun following along with you.